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AP News provides fast and accurate video coverage of every story making the headlines worldwide, for use on broadcast, mobile and online news platforms.

Delivering loosely edited and scripted stories that are easily incorporated into your news production, all AP-shot material is available in both high-definition (HD) and standard-definition
(SD) format.

Speed and accuracy represent AP's first priority for breaking news, and our coverage of major stories includes background, aftermath, reaction and comment.

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What is the News service and why should I subscribe?

What does the News service cover?

How and when would I receive the News service?

I want to subscribe to the News service, who do I speak to?

What is the News service?

AP prides itself in providing a high quality, reliable news video, which meets the pace of modern newsgathering and stays at the forefront of technological advances.

AP News offer two types of bulletin:

* Prime News contains the best of the day's global news video plus the stories making the headlines in your region, edited into comprehensive news video packages and wraps. All you need do is record the Prime News video bulletin that best meets your agenda and your deadlines. These video bulletins are targeted to specific regions to deliver key content ahead of your local major news junctions.

* News Updates carry the very latest AP news video and breaking news video. All material in the updates is new - there are no repeats. News Updates are available to ALL AP News clients around the globe.

We also offer a file-based delivery solution, AP Media Port, which allows you to receive video digitally as separated files.

AP Media Port delivery means your newsroom can receive each new story as a video file as soon as it is ready – rather than waiting for feeds via scheduled bulletins.

Why should I subscribe to the News service?

We understand the business of news video - our mission is to meet your deadline first.

We have highly-experienced and dedicated newsgathering teams located in bureaux worldwide – covering news events in some of the most influential, relevant and often hostile places on the planet.

We deliver between 65 to 80 news video stories per day, depending on the pace of world news events.

Daily output updates and planners, as well as weekly and monthly news schedules let you plan ahead.
AP is customer-driven. We follow your news agenda.

AP is committed to covering the major news stories quickly and comprehensively, delivering news video that meets your bulletin requirements.

Speed of delivery represents the first priority for breaking news video, while coverage of major stories includes full news video reports on background, aftermath, reaction, and comment from relevant individuals or groups.

AP seeks to deliver as much first and exclusive news video as possible, and is committed to covering new ground in its reporting.

- 24/7 delivery.

- Top international breaking news video.

- Exclusive global rights to Sky News (UK) and ABC News (US) news video.

- Royal Television Society and International Emmy award-winning news video content.

AP provides news video you can use.
How do I receive the News service?

News is available as High Definition (HD) files or as Standard Definition (SD) files or a linear feed.

Satellite Distribution
A decoder is required to be able to receive News video, which is encrypted. The decoder is included in the subscription package.

Satellite details and co-ordinates are available via Our Satellite Network.

News scripts, rundowns and advisories are available either via satellite, direct into your newsroom computer system, or online.

File-based Delivery
We also offer an HD and SD file-based delivery solution, Media Port, which allows you to receive stories digitally as separated files.

Media Port delivery means your newsroom can now receive each new story as a video file as soon as it is ready – rather than waiting for feeds via scheduled bulletins.

For more information on Media Port and contact information, please visit: Technical Support - Media Port.

When would I receive the News service?

SD Linear Feed - you will receive News video content via scheduled daily bulletins. Please review the Broadcast Schedule, which timetables (in GMT) when you will receive News bulletins.

HD and SD Files - you will receive News video files as soon as they are ready.
If you have any further questions or want to subscribe, Contact Us and select your country (via the drop-down) to locate your local sales contact.

Alternatively, complete the Trial Enquiry Form and we will respond to you directly.

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AP offers 24/7 Customer Video Support via:

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T: UK 20 7482 7600
E: customervideosupport

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