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Tuesday, 25 July 2017
Kosovo: Divers Brave Heights in Annual Bridge Jump Competition
Daredevil divers have wowed crowds in Kosovo by launching themselves off a bridge into the river below. The annual high diving competition was held near the town of Gjakova, 100 kilometres south of the capital Pristina.
Italy: Wooden Boat Building Tradition is Dying Out
The tradition of crafting wooden boats is slowly dying in Italy, as fibreglass and steel vessels replace the old wooden ones. But a non-profit organisation in the port of Anzio is encouraging locals to become the boat builders of tomorrow and keep the old skills alive.
Germany: Hannover Startup Develops Horse Fitness Tech
A German startup is hoping to break into the fitness-tracking market - for horses. Hannover-based 'Horse Analytics' has developed a horse fitness smartphone app and is working on a fitness tracker.
Australia: Endangered Wallaby Numbers Bounce Back
Numbers of the endangered Australian brush tailed rock wallaby are bouncing back thanks to a specialised breeding program. A survey of the animals found at least 100 of them living in the wild at a site west of Sydney, up from just six last century.
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