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Saturday, 23 September 2017
Kosovo: Young People Cashing in on Virtual Currencies
Savvy young people in one of Europe's most isolated countries are embracing crypto currencies. The technology serves as a ticket to join a wider world from which they are often excluded from with borders and visas.
Czech: Shipping Containers Turned into Micro-Breweries
A micro beer brewing revolution is taking hold in the Czech Republic, a nation known for its love of beer. One company is converting old shipping containers into backyard breweries so people can produce their own unique blends.
Australia: Human Bio-Solids Revitalising Soil Health on Australian Farms
Sydney's sewage is being put to good use to help farmers and the environment. Almost 200,000 tonnes of bio-solids is used as fertiliser on about 20 farms across New South Wales, leading to major improvements in soil health.
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