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Friday, 15 March 2013
Ireland: Leprechauns Get an Image Makeover
On St Patrick's day the world celebrates Irish culture and traditions. The image of the saint is less famous than that of another Irish expat... the leprechaun. The mythical midget's roots in ancient folklore have been lost in the mists of time and replaced by an mischievous elf with a passion for trouble making and advertising. Now a Dublin museum is helping to rebuild the leprechaun's reputation.
Austria: Hobbit Robot for Elderly Technophobes
This robot is bringing the latest technology to perhaps the largest group of technophobes in society - the elderly. The user-friendly robot can pick up items from the floor, and help ensure that the unsteady have a firmer foundation under their feet.
Iran: Female Film Director Makes Her Mark
Women in Hollywood routinely call for more women behind the lens. Now, one woman director is focusing the camera on stories in Iran. Pouran Derakhshandeh's latest movie 'Hush, Girls Don't Scream' won Best Film at Iran's film awards - the Fajr International Film Festival. The story tackles the controversial subject of paedophilia.
Egypt: Zoo Animals Affected by Egypt's Tourism Woes
For Egyptian families, it is an affordable place to take the children, and see the animals. For tourists it is a way to spend an afternoon, and see the lions. But with Egypt's tourism dwindling, now the animals in Giza Zoo are being affected.
Australia: Australian Rules Football Helps Promote Healthy Lifestyles and Community Spirit
Australian Rules football is helping remote Aboriginal communities in Australia's Northern Territory come together to promote healthy lifestyles, community spirit and football.
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