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About SNTV
When it comes to sports, don't compromise on quality. SNTV is the world's leading television sports news agency, delivering all the latest sports news and highlights in HD.

SNTV is a joint venture between AP and IMG Media, bringing together the expertise of the world's most extensive newsgatherer and the biggest independent producer and distributor of sports programming and events. This partnership means that SNTV provides a more comprehensive service than any other. Our crews are present at all major events worldwide, and we have agreements with many of the world’s major sports federations and agencies to provide highlights from key events.

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What is SNTV and why should I subscribe?

What does SNTV cover?

How and when would I receive SNTV?

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What is SNTV?

SNTV delivers the world's leading sport to global media organisations. It provides the most important events in the sporting calendar, while providing aggressive newsgathering and original journalism to break sports news stories.

The emphasis is on providing a service of a higher quality and more comprehensive nature than any other sports news provider.

Why should I subscribe to SNTV?

SNTV is the world's leading sports news video agency, providing highlights and breaking video news 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Its sole aim is to be the first to provide media organisations with top quality footage of the sports news of the day.
With IMG Media as one of its parent companies, SNTV has unequalled news access to top sports. Over the years SNTV has developed relationships with all of the major rightsholders to enable coverage of the most prestigious global sports or events. Where possible SNTV has cleared rights centrally although occasionally customers will need to clear access with local rightsholders.

For newsgathering outside of the main events, SNTV has access to AP's worldwide bureaux enabling SNTV to get staff and cameras in place for breaking news stories. SNTV also has access to IMG's offices around the globe and crews insitu at relevant sporting events.

SNTV's crews are present at all major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, Grand Slam tennis events and major golf tournaments.
SNTV is available as High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD) files.

We offer an HD and SD file-based delivery solution, Media Port, which allows you to receive stories digitally as separated files (which include the video, shotlist and script).

Media Port delivery means your newsroom receive each new story as a video file as soon as it is ready.
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