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With more news sources available to audiences than ever before, the need for accurate reporting has never been more in demand. AP News is the obvious choice for a News video content delivery partner - serving as your eyes, ears, and enquiring mind - in whichever part of the world you need to access.

Our commitment is to capture the essential stories, and deliver them to you - first and fast and Direct, AP's premium live video news service, gives you access to news, as it happens.

AP's current affairs programming includes:

Horizons comprises the must-see lifestyle and technology stories that reflect the changing world we live in. Compelling and topical content with a global overview, Horizons reflects on what’s new or changing that will affect our everyday lives – whether that be in the world of health or crime, leisure or the environment – Horizons will aim to educate and inform; and Technology, which reports on the latest trends, products and innovations that are or will be enhancing our lives.

AP sets the standard in the provision of global entertainment video news.

Entertainment Daily News delivers daily premium video coverage of the world's top entertainment stories. Celebrity Extra goes beyond daily entertainment news and events to reveal the personalities behind the world's celebrities. Entertainment Now is a fast-paced, irreverent weekly video news review of the latest developments in the international entertainment world, including music, film, fashion, and celebrity gossip. And, for the movie-enthusiasts, we produce Movies NOW, a weekly or fortnightly package of ready-to-air movie-related stories.
In partnership with IMG Media, SNTV delivers video coverage of the world's leading sports news stories.

SNTV sets the standard for sports video newsgathering in its 15 years as the world's most comprehensive provider of fast, relevant and reliable sports video news and highlights. Leading the pack in terms of content generation and distribution, no other company has the international resources to provide such wide ranging footage to all corners of the world.

AP Archive Archive is one of the most comprehensive film and video collections in the world - giving you access to an extraordinary range of footage.

Whether you produce factual programming, feature films, commercials or corporate videos, or just happen to be on the look-out for offbeat footage. AP Archive will have what you need.

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