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Horizons comprises the must-see lifestyle and technology video stories that reflect the changing world we live in.

Compelling and topical content with a global overview, Horizons reflects on what's new or changing that will affect our everyday lives – whether that be in the world of health or crime, leisure or the environment – Horizons will aim to educate and inform.

Horizons video stories can be used as feature items in news and current affairs programmes.

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What is Horizons and why should I subscribe?

What does Horizons cover?

How and when would I receive Horizons?

I want to subscribe to Horizons, who do I speak to?

What is Horizons?

Horizons comprises technology and lifestyle stories from around the globe.

Each daily Horizons bulletin contains 4 to 5 ‘feature length’ stories and each story is edited to a 3 to 5 minute duration.

Horizons stories are supplied with natural sound with supporting scripts and shotlists.

Why should I subscribe to Horizons?

Horizons offers a one-stop shop for high quality technology and lifestyle content.

With a flexible format, lighter news content, the stories are easy to adapt into programming (breakfast, daytime, and news).
Whatever’s developing, we’ll be covering it.

Features on our changing world.

Health and Medicine: Medical breakthroughs, alternative treatments, childbirth, fitness and diet.

Climate change and the environment: the impact of global warming and the challenges it poses.

Wildlife: the world of animals, mammals and insects.

Technology: Tablets, personal computing, mobile, gaming, design and the latest innovations.

Family life: Childcare, education and schooling, marriage, food, shopping.

Style: Cosmetic surgery, health and beauty, make-up and clothes, interior design.

Travel and Leisure: Transport, dating and romance, holidays, music, television, entertainment.
How do I receive Horizons?

Horizons is available as High Definition (HD) files or as Standard Definition (SD) files or a linear feed.

Satellite Distribution
A decoder is required to be able to receive Horizons bulletins, which are encrypted. The decoder is included in the subscription package.

Satellite details and co-ordinates are available via Our Satellite Network.

Horizons scripts, rundowns and advisories are available either via satellite, direct into your newsroom computer system, or online.

File-based Delivery
We also offer an HD and SD file-based delivery solution, Media Port, which allows you to receive stories digitally as separated files.

Media Port delivery means your newsroom can now receive each new story as a video file as soon as it is ready – rather than waiting for feeds via scheduled bulletins.

For more information on Media Port and contact information, please visit: Technical Support - Media Port.

When would I receive Horizons?

SD Linear Feed - you will receive Horizons video content via scheduled daily bulletins. Please review the Broadcast Schedule, which timetables (in GMT) when you will receive Horizons bulletins.

HD and SD Files - you will receive Horizons video files as soon as they are ready.
If you have any further questions or want to subscribe, Contact Us and select your country (via the drop-down) to locate your local sales contact.

Alternatively, complete the Trial Enquiry Form and we will respond to you directly.

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