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AP Archive is the world's leading source of film and video footage.

As well as footage from the Associated Press, AP Archive represents footage from some of the most extensive moving image collections, from all over the world.

* AP
1998 to present

* UPITN and Worldwide Television News (WTN)
News footage 1963 to 1998

* AP Television (APTV)
News footage 1994 to 1998

* Universal Newsreels
1929 to 1967

* Twentieth Cenury Archives
1900 to 1969

AP Archive represents the following partner companies:

ABC NewsBritish Movietone
Calyx TVCCTV China
CelebrityFootageCTV Canada
Democratic Voice of BurmaKRT North Korea
n-tv GermanyPress Association
RTL GermanyRTR Russia
Sports News Television (SNTV)Tech TV
Thailand PBSTV-am
TVN PolandUnited Nations TV
Vatican TVWWF

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